New Massey Ferguson 7700 Series – Straightforward Sophistication
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New Massey Ferguson 7700 Series – Straightforward Sophistication

“The MF 7700 Series continues Massey Ferguson’s drive to develop dependable, straightforward, low maintenance tractors that provide efficiencies across all farming operations,” says Michael Partridge, General Marketing Manager – Tractors.


Equipped with various power, transmission, cab and hydraulic options; the MF 7700 adapts to all needs, and provides straightforward, dependable and useful farming solutions.


MF 7700 Series Key Features:

High productivity and comfort:

-   High capacity gross weight, which has increased by up to 12% from previous models allowing the MF 7700 Series to carry larger loads and pull heavier trailers

-   Electronic PTO speed selection on all efficient and exclusive models

-   AGCOMMAND and the latest Auto-Guide 3000 are standard, saving up to 12% fuel during in-field operations

-   Essential and Efficient specification levels to match all owners’ specific tasks and budgets

-   The suspension employs double acting rams, which provide 30% more travel than previous designs

-   The new layout of the dashboard is clearer (better colour display and adjustment)

-   All Efficient and Exclusive models are equipped with the easy to use Command Control Armrest, which operates a range of frequently used functions

-   The multi-function Joystick, which is an option on selected models, provides press button shuttle control, as well as operates the hydraulic spools and/or a loader. It can also be used to change forward speeds and direction

-   Efficiency at work with cab suspension and air suspended swivel seat brings extra comfort

-   The possibility to set the flashing beacon lights to come on automatically when the tractor is on the road and is also fitted with automatic sensor lights to get you to your door after a long day

-   Extra plug sockets for mobile phones or laptops, radio and MP3 players (USB, aux. and CD) and Bluetooth connectivity

-   Automatic air conditioning, telescopic side mirrors and electric de-icing.


Straightforward economic power:

The MF 7700 Series is powered by six cylinder, AGCO Power 6.6 litre and 7.4 litre engines, equipped with the latest SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, which remains maintenance free. There is no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Larger catalysers remove more pollutants, but remain contained neatly within the same-sized enclosure, retaining the same excellent forward visibility. Engine Power Management (EPM) provides up to an extra 25hp to improve efficiency and performance on the road and in the field.


Reduced cost of ownership:

With reduced fuel consumption, these low maintenance tractors reduce the overall ownership costs.  


Unrivalled transmission choice:

Available with Dyna-4, Dyna-6 semi-powershift or Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission, with variable power management across the range of models and transmissions.

Dyna-VT provides stepless speed changes and allows operators to select any combination of engine speed and forward speed to optimise output and the work quality. 

Hydraulic power and control:

MF7700 Series have high hydraulic capacity and up to eight spool valves for excellent implement control.  These tractors have a new load-sensing, closed-centre pump, which delivers 190 litres/min on Dyna-VT tractors, while Dyna-6 models provide 110 litres/min as standard with the option of 150litres/min. All load-sensing models have decompression levers on the spool valves for easy coupler connection and removal.


“These new tractors benefit from the excellent pedigree established by the MF 7600 Series which won Machine of the Year, Tractor of the Year Golden Design Award as well as Gold Medals and numerous accolades across Europe. It has also established a proven track record and gained strong respect from customers”, says Michael Partridge, General Marketing Manager - Tractors.



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